Máy Hàn Metcal MX-5211

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Máy Hàn Metcal MX-5211

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Máy Hàn Metcal MX-5211


New Dual Port Simultaneous Soldering and Rework System highly effective for soldering applications including: lead-free, high mass components or boards, thermally sensitive components requiring low operating temperature, high volume production soldering and touch-up soldering operations. In addition, the MX-5211 can be used for conduction rework of SMDs when using SMTC Series soldering cartridges simultaneously.

Features and Benefits:

Can be operated with two hand-pieces dynamically sharing the 80 watts output power based on demand adding even more application flexibility and speed.

Configured with two Metcal Advanced Soldering and Rework Hand-pieces.

Microprocessor controlled power supply providing more power for challenges such as high mass components, multi-layered boards and lead-free solders.

Improved ergonomics with lightweight hand-pieces.

Greater process control with SmartHeat® Technology.

ESD safe with incoming AC ground monitoring circuitry.

Built-in power indication meter with digital display and bar graph that dynamically provides the operator with feedback on the status of the soldering operation.

Metcal TipSaver™ Workstand improves tip life with its “Auto-Sleep” function.

Product Comprises of:

MX-PS5200         :              Power supply, 100 to 240 VAC input, dual switch port with LCD Display

MX-H1-AV           :              Two Metcal Advanced™ Hand-pieces, Soldering and Rework with two cartridge removal pads

MX-W1AV           :              Two Workstands for Metcal Advanced™ Hand-piece, Soldering and Rework with two sponges and two brass pads

NOTE: No tip/cartridge included

Tips / Cartridges Series compatible with this system:

STTC Soldering Cartridges

SMTC Rework Cartridges

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